Travel Tribe - The purpose of TT is to bring together people who have an insatiable desire for travel and enjoy sharing and hearing about travel experiences. We also get together for local travel events.

Lisa Martin-

50+ - The purpose of this member driven group is to share what activities and interests you are doing now or want to pursue with the additional time you will have in this stage of your life. Come share ideas on how to stay engaged in the community and in life.

Rob Sutherland-

Cycle Tribe

Morgan Sommers-

Essential Oils - Essential oils seem to be everywhere these day!  Lavender is touted as being an essential to have on hand, whether you're calming a fussy baby, calming yourself or just want to freshen your laundry.  But how do you choose? What's really in that scent you're using? Come explore the world of true essential oils - from the ground up all the way through distillation practices, bottling and common usage for mind, body and spiritual health. Come prepared to discuss and bring your knowledge of an ancient natural method to more healthful and happy living!

Marie Harville-

Wine Tribe - Come join the wine tribe!  Each month we meet to catch up with fellow members and learn about a new wine all while targeting that month’s theme. 

Nicole Rollins-

Faith Tribe - The Faith Tribe is all about encouraging people through the Love of God. We allow members to vent and talk about the issues we deal with and face on a daily basis. We allow different members of the group to lead our monthly discussions and also do group exercise classes to Praise and Worship music. Its always a great time of fellowship.

Ryan Littlejohn-

Running Tribe - Whether you are fast or slow… runner or veteran……we all finish at the same finish line! This tribe schedules runs throughout the year to run in and train together for moral support! 

Nicole Rollins-