Member Testimonial: Cecilia Hanson

What brought you to Opti-Life/Goals:

Last October I asked a question on the Wichita Mom's Blog Facebook group asking about gyms with a good daycare (I had just moved to Wichita in August from the KC area). Opti-Life was mentioned and I decided to visit the trailer and I'm SO glad I did. I felt no pressure, no push for a rushed decision, and the way they described the facility and options - I was so impressed! It aligned with exactly what I was wanting. Elissa was also so sweet with helping with my kiddos when I was signing up - that kindness leaves a lasting impression. 


My goals were to get stronger, manage stress appropriately, feel better about my appearance, feel more myself - step out of the stagnancy I was feeling, get on a better routine, set a healthy example to my kids, prepare my body for a future pregnancy. 

My goal list grows but more goals that are up to date are: to stay aware of my body and respecting what it needs, keep trying new things out of my comfort zone, continue meal planning and nourishing my body with good nutrition, improving my quality of life (loved Dr. Traci Grandfield's class), bedtime goals of 10pm (Dr. Eva Henry's class), improving my personal resources (Dr. Denise Dopps' class), keep manifesting what I want for myself and my family/setting intentions, speak kindly to myself, continue journaling what I am grateful for and my daily small successes! 

My husband and I are signed up for Conquer the Gauntlet obstacle run in August, a local "Run for the Poor" via Blessed Sacrament 5k in September, and I am trying to prepare for a healthy pregnancy journey this winter/spring. 

How long you’ve been working with Shannon?

I have been working with Shannon since the beginning of January, 2018.

What progress have you seen?

Wow, so much! I feel like I'm keeping up with day to day life so much better. I feel strong and so proud of myself. I am managing/reducing my stress in healthy ways, loving how my clothes are fitting, improvement in my posture, setting intentions, goals, bucket lists, loving my life, family, and myself, improvement in my meditation and prayer life. I feel like I had to get through several mental humps and setbacks in the beginning weeks, months (not seeing results "right away", workouts feeling uncomfortable, eliminating my fixed mindset (Miguel John's class) and limiting beliefs (Matt Lillie's class), etc.) and now I am sitting here with such gratitude to my amazing body for providing me my miracle babies and abilities everyday. 

What do you like most about Shannon?

Her "yes" to her job. For being such a positive impact in my life (it was difficult moving to a new city and she has been a consistent, positive presence in my life since January!). She is organized and always prepared (we go from one exercise to the next flawlessly!). She challenges me during every workout. She's very reliable and a great communicator. She has a special joy about her. She's very assertive and doesn't hesitate to correct my form or say something helpful during a difficult set. And she practices and lives what she teaches - she is one strong, smart lady! I really look forward to our sessions! 

What have you learned since working with her?

I can do hard things! :) My body is capable of so much. I know what feeling strong feels like again. An impending excitement for future workouts. A big myth I had in my head for some reason, was that when I was sore from a workout I should rest, take a warm bath, keep resting until soreness goes away. That myth is completely eliminated - I now know, because of Shannon, that subsequent movement increases blood flow/oxygenation and helps dissipate soreness. She has shared really neat features about the skillmill treadmills and equipment. EPOC effect. How impactful good nutrition is. 

What you enjoy most about Opti-Life?

Several things. One is the smile and greeting I get every time I walk in the gym. Lexi and all of the front desk employees are amazing!

I LOVE the education classes on Saturday mornings. They have played such a pivotal part in my health and wholeness journey. I have written several templates, quotes, book lists, intentions, goals, aspects in my life to assess, work on, heal, etc. in my journal from these classes. Such wisdom, science, and heart and soul shared! A huge kudos to the speakers and event planner that make these classes happen. 

I REALLY appreciate Megan and all of the daycare caregivers and coordinators. They make it possible for me to take this time for myself (which I had never allowed myself in the past consistently). My kids love their time in the daycare - I hear happy stories about the games, dancing, drawing, etc. they get to experience with the teachers and new friends. It means the world to me that I can leave my kids in such good care.

I really appreciate Lauren, Danielle, Kyla and all of the other spa employees that greet me so kindly. The spa area is so nice!

I am so grateful for Lindsay Slater and all of the other yoga teachers that have exposed me and taught me an exercise that I never thought I could DO let alone grow to love! From setting an intention at the beginning of class, learning something new every class, feeling challenged, feeling so proud of myself when I notice an improvement, learning all different styles of yoga from restorative, power, yin, vinyasa, etc. I am grateful to have learned a balance in my exercise routine! I did not have an understanding or belief that yoga was an exercise that "counted".