Congratulations to our last SlimFit group - who LOST 352lbs in 30 days!

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“At first, I was hesitant to sign up for the Slim Down Challenge; but throughout the entire month I was completely satisfied with the program. I gained focus and accountability with the challenges for each day.  Stephanie did a fantastic job with recipes and the needed encouragement throughout the program. Nicole provide motivation and expertise regarding exercise and nutrition as my group leader. I also gained some amazing new friends as we all worked on our health and wellness together! The new strength I gained and the body fat I lost are terrific rewards of the program.  Thank you.”

- Linda Werhan

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“The Fall Slim Down Challenge came just at the right time for me! I wasn't eating horrible and I was working out here and there, but the challenge got me on the right track for overall health. The challenge didn't just focus on losing weight, though I did lose 4lbs. It also focused on things such as sleep, water intake and fitness. It was so beneficial to be in a large group of people who were all with the same goal and focus. We were divided into teams, but I met so many more people outside of my team who were all there for each other. The Fall Slim Down Challenge helped me feel a lot more comfortable within Opti-life. I had not been brave enough to go into the cycle studio or take a tread-x class previously, and the Challenge supported and encouraged me to do both. All of the instructors and leaders were amazing and super supportive. Stefanie has such a positive personality! She can easily get you out of a funk if you are having an off week. I am excited to see what the next Challenge brings!”

- Amber Vaughn

Lose up to 15lbs in 30 days!

For 2019, Opti-Life is setting a goal to help Wichita lose 10,000 pounds! Join the SlimFit Movement - reach your goals and let's make ICT healthier together!

What is the SlimFit Movement?

SlimFit Movement is a challenge based program developed to improve the overall health of the Wichita Community. Each month challengers will set personal goals and participate in our 90 day program to build healthy habits, lose weight and decrease the risk for chronic disease.

Metabolic syndrome is a group of risk factors that increase a person’s risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and more. Our SlimFit challenge is developed to help reverse metabolic syndrome by creating positive eating habits and promoting proper body weight and overall health.

What is included in the challenge?

  • 90 days of accountability (30 day challenge + 60 days online accountability)

  • Comprehensive body analysis including – InBody scan, 3D Body Scan, and pictures.

  • Customized eating and fitness plan geared towards each individual and their personal goals.

  • 40+ family friendly recipes including breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner recipes.

  • One-on-one accountability from your team and team leader.

  • Nutrition and fitness support and accountability from the Opti-Life team through a private FB group.

  • A detailed and customized journal that breaks down our nutrition program and fitness expectations.

  • Weekly in-person weigh ins with our nutrition experts.

  • Learn how to build healthy eating habits and balanced meals through a customized program that takes the guessing work out of the equation.

  • Educational and fitness classes in our Opti-U room that are only available for the SlimFit challenge participants.

  • Access to Opti-Life for the time frame of the SlimFit challenge if you are not already a member (does not include access during the 60 day accountability online time frame).

  • Special hands on learning classes in our Opti-U room (class topics include – How to throw a healthy party, your favorite recipes revamped, and classes over different struggles that people face when trying to lose weight).

  • Hands on meal prep classes – these are an additional cost but we do the grocery shopping for you and you come help prepare freezer meals that you will walk away with that day.

  • A goodie bag with discount cards for various vendors and Opti-Life swag.

  • 60 day online accountability Facebook group that will help you continue the habits that you built in the first 30 days.

NEXT CHALLENGE: Starts January 18 - February 22 - MUST REGISTER BY JANUARY 9th!

Have questions? Contact our Nutrition Director,

Stefanie Griffin at or call 316-927-5959