Lunch & Learn Series & Workshops


We would love the opportunity to bring one of our speakers to your team as part of our educational outreach program. We will take a few minutes to explain what Opti-Life is, our mission, offer comped access to our facility for 30 days to all of your staff, and then share the information. We will end with a short question and answer period. All of this takes about 45 minutes plus 15 min for Q & A. Depending on the size of the group we can also bring a healthy snack based on one of our SlimFit recipes.

Contact Maria Little at for more information.



This workshop will focus on the element of drama in our relationships, both personal and workplace, discussing the primary three roles we often play (referred to as The Drama Triangle) that undermine our goals for success. Practical tools for how to improve communication and understanding in relationships will be provided.

FACING YOUR FEAR 60 min. — We will examine what fear is, why it keeps us from moving forward in life, and how to ultimately walk with your fears and take chances in life. Presented by Erika Lillie, Co-Founder of Opti-Life

TOXINS IN YOUR HOME 60 min.- We will discuss how and why common household cleaners are making us sick and talk about much healthier ways to clean our homes. Presented by Erika Lillie, Co-Founder of Opti-Life

LIFE BALANCE 60 min. - A new perspective on creating balance in life and practical ways of achieving this. Presented by Erika Lillie, Co-Founder of Opti-Life

FOUR PILLARS OF WELLNESS 60 min. - A discussion about nutrition, mindfulness, self-care & work-life balance. Presented by Erika Lillie, Co-Founder of Opti-Life

CREATING THE LIFE YOU WANT 60 min.- We will explore the three steps to creating the life you want, utilizing an ancient practice called the law of attraction. Presented by Erika Lillie, Co-Founder of Opti-Life

GUIDED GROUP MEDITATION 60 min. Guided by Erika Lillie or Nicole Scheopner - A guided meditation for your group, focusing on relaxation, restoration, and mental clarity. We will discuss some concepts about each of these as well as practical ways to implement positive changes in one's daily living!

THE HERO’S JOURNEY - 60 min. Presented by Matt Lillie

THE BLUE ZONES - 30 - 60 min. Presented by Matt Lillie

THE STRESS CONNECTION 60 min. Flexibility and stability are important for function, fitness, and health. Learn things that effect flexibility and stability and ways to improve both that go beyond plain old stretching. Presented by Shawn Strickland.

LIVE STRONGER AND LONGER 60 min. Learn what the science and the oldest living people say about living a long healthy life. Also learn about how strength is an important aspect of living stronger and longer. Presented by Shawn Strickland.

FIT for BIRTH 60 min. This class is for women who are currently trying to conceive or who are pregnant. We will touch on essential areas of prenatal and postnatal exercise - such as, “The Do’s & Don’ts” of prenatal exercise, the importance of the core and pelvic floor, and how to use your fitness routine to gear up for labor & delivery. During class we will learn and practice important core & pelvic floor work. We will also be discussing realistic ways to lose weight while breastfeeding. Presented by Shannon Lee

Laughter Yoga - 60 min. Presented by Gail Brooks.

SlimFit Movement - 60 min. Presented by Opti-Life Nutritionist, Stefanie Griffin.

Nutrition 101 - 60 min. Presented by Opti-Life Nutritionist, Stefanie Griffin.

Meal Prep 101 - 60 min. Presented by Opti-Life Nutritionist, Stefanie Griffin.

Overeating and How We Overcome It - 60 min. Presented by Opti-Life Nutritionist, Stefanie Griffin.

How to get past that Weight Loss Plateau - 60 min. Presented by Opti-Life Nutritionist, Stefanie Griffin.

Healthy Living to 100 60 min. Learn about living healthfully and minimizing our body’s decline as we age, taking preventative measures now. Most of us might be afraid to live to 100 years old because of the fear of a decreased quality of life or living with aches and pains. But if we could feel good and still do the things we love to do like playing with our grandchildren, then I’m sure most of us would want to stick around. What we don’t realize is that arthritis is not inevitable. It can be avoided if we make the right choices now. We have the ability to age well despite our genetics. Healthy lifestyle choices are key to not only live well now but in our later years too. This class will pin point the major culprits contributing to bad health and illuminate the tiny tweaks you can make now to make huge changes to your elder years. Presented by Dr. Traci Granfield.

Exercises & Stretches to Strengthen your Spine 60 min. Do you brush your teeth? Check in with your dentist at least once a year. Get your car’s oil changed regularly? Balance your car’s tires? Yes, then you should definitely be preventative and proactive about maintaining balance in your body. Protect all your joints and spinal discs with balanced strength, flexibility, and mobility. Prevent or recover from injuries. Presented by Dr. Traci Granfield.

Neck and Back Pain 60 min. Symptoms are your body’s way of telling the brain that something is “off”. In this class we will explore signs and symptoms that accompany neck or back pain, identify the problem, and what the options are to correct the problem. Postural distortions make you vulnerable to pain and injury. Tips and tricks to function and feeling better. Presented by Dr. Traci Granfield.

The Stress Response 60 min. In this class we will discuss the physiology of how stress changes your nervous system, your digestive system, your hormones, and your ability to function. Many diseases today are directly linked to the effects of chronic stress on the body. It’s important to identify the little stressors on your system that you may not even know about. Quality of life depends on it.

SI joint pain: Causes and Treatment 30-45 min. SI joint dysfunction can feel like hip, low back pain, leg pain, or pain while walking/running. Understanding anatomy, common causes, and therapeutic options may be effective to getting to the bottom of what's causing your pain.

Honey, could you rub my back? 60 min. Trigger points are muscle spasms that result from nerve irritation near the muscles involved. They may feel like hard knots within taut bands of muscle fibers. Common trigger points are located along the spine in the neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, gluteals and even the temporomandibular joint. Trigger point therapy is a form of massage that holds pressure over the small area of muscle for 15-20 seconds to reduce the local constriction.

In this class, you will learn how to feel for and identify trigger points on a partner. Given some coaching, you will develop the right amount of pressure and technique to release trigger points. This class will be informative and fun! Teach your husband, wife, partner, or best friend how to relieve your tension- Win Win!

Myovision: The EKG of Spinal Health 60 min. Myovision is research proven, wireless sEMG. It is a quick spinal stress test to determine areas of imbalance and compensation for injuries and chronic posture. In just a couple minutes you can see muscle tension levels on both left and right sides of the spine. The length of the bars are proportional to the amount of muscle tension. Confirm or get relief of concerns you may have for areas where symptoms may come and go. This quick scan can indicate areas where old injuries haven't quite healed and show where your body is compensating.

A completely safe, painless and non-invasive method of evaluating spinal health utilizing the well-established EKG technology. The scan results can be emailed and viewed on your smart phone in minutes.