Step One: Fit Body Consultation

As an Opti-Life member, you have access to the most scientifically advanced fitness assessment tools around. Every new member receives a full body composition analysis with the InBody 770 plus a functional fitness assessment. Each assessment includes a personalized session with a fitness consultant to start you on your journey to your optimal life.

Our signature Opti-Life Fit Body Consultation includes: 

  • Muscle - Fat Analysis - breaks down your weight into pounds of Skeletal Muscle Mass and Body Fat Mass
  • Percent Body Fat - the ratio of your body fat mass divided by your weight. This is an accurate representation of your obesity risk. 
  • Segmental Lean Analysis - reveals how your Lean Body Mass is distributed within your body, it also evalutaes your right/left balance to determine balanced muscle development. 
  • Basal Metabolic Rate - is the number of calories burned at rest over the course of one day. Your BMR will increase as you gain more muscle mass. 
  • Functional assessment to test strength, endurance and flexibility. 
  • Overall health risk appraisal.