SlimFit Team Leader Application & Qualifications 



  • Must be an active member of Opti-Life. 

  • Must have completed a SlimDown/SlimFit Challenge within the last 6 months, shown success, understanding of all components in the challenge, and was an active member in both the Facebook page and within their team. 

  • Has been able to maintain or keep progress going since the completion of the last challenge.  

  • Must have good communication and organization skills.  



  • Take on an active role in promoting the upcoming SlimFit Challenge.  

  • Share FB posts, tell family & friends, etc.  

  • Be a positive & active role model in the private Facebook page during the duration of the challenge by making posts and liking & commenting on other challenger's posts.  

  • Must establish a form of communication with their team at the kickoff party – must work for everyone in the team (not everyone has Facebook). 

  • Must check in with teammate no less than 3 times a week. 

  • Must reach out to teammates if they have not shown up for that week's weigh in (Stefanie will let you know each week if anyone in your team has not shown up). 

  • Must agree to NOT answer any fitness or nutrition related questions, these all need to be preferred to Stefanie or Nicole for liability reasons. 

  • Must encourage team to attend the meal prep classes as well as other classes offered throughout the duration of the challenge.  

How To Apply

  • If you meet the following criteria and are interested in being a team leader for the January 2019 SlimFit Challenge then please submit the form below. .  

  • SlimFit Team Leaders with be chosen after a panel of directors from Opti-Life review the submitted applications. All Team Leaders will receive the SlimFit Challenge at no cost to them for their time being a team leader. 

SlimFit Team Leader Application

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