Member Highlight: Niki Gehring

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Get to know Niki Gehring, an Opti-Life charter member! Get to know more members of the Opti-Life community by attending Tribe Meetings and Opti-Life events

  1. Why did you join Opti-Life? I did a focus group for iHeart Media last year and was so excited about the concepts behind this gym. From the state of the art equipment to the technology to the university, everything was so well thought out. I was anxiously waiting for opening day!
  2. What has been your favorite thing about Opti-Life? It’s extremely difficult to nail down one thing. The classes are top notch. I’ve been shocked at the numerous benefits I’ve seen from the saunas. Being able to track every move - even on the weight machines - challenges me and holds me accountable. But mostly I just love the feel of the space. The people - members and employees alike. It just makes me want to be there. 
  3. What Inspires you? Nature. Music. Art. Seeing kindness in others. Tenacity - seeing someone succeed because they put forth an effort and worked hard. 
  4. Where would be your dream vacation? Anywhere! Not a very good answer but I don’t ever pass up an opportunity to travel & explore! 
  5. What is your 2018 goal? For my family and I to disconnect from our phones more. 
  6. How has Opti-Life improved your life? It’s kept me focused on my health goals. 
  7. Favorite Wichita restaurant? George’s Bistro