In the News: Club Industry Feb 26, 2018

Opti-Life has been open just under 80 days and has already received international recognition as being a disruptor in the fitness industry. The article also mentions one of Opti-Life's most popular studios, Tread X, which is the first of it's kind - worldwide. 

Club Industry Future Gyms Report: Forward Five Years: How the Fitness and Wellness Industry Will Change

How disruptors, technology, demographics and other factors will influence the fitness industry during the next five years.

The article quotes international renowned architect Fabiano, who worked along side Opti-Life in the early stages of their concept development. Below is an excerpt of the full article, read the full issue here. 

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Fabiano said this blend of fitness and hospitality is about all-encompassing care. This is not dissimilar to the health club industry’s adoption of medical wellness practices in recent years. Club operators are learning the benefits of providing spaces that cater to their clients’ all-around lifestyle needs.

Opti-Life Health and Fitness Center, which opened in early 2018 in Wichita, Kansas, is one such example. In addition to various exercise areas, the 34,000-square-foot facility will feature a community kitchen, education room and Himalayan salt sauna with a 5-inch-thick wall built from Himalayan salt blocks to inspire invigoration.

Opti-Life’s website states: “Here you’ll find as much community as you’ll find fitness. Join members-only tribes of art lovers, gardeners, or other interest areas. Take workshops on reducing stress or eating well. Crank up your heart rate on the treadmills in our cutting-edge Tread X studio. Then relax and recover with a refreshing, organic smoothie at our friendly on-site cafe.” To accommodate its various amenities, Opti-Life will offer four membership tiers ranging from $60 to $130.

“Fitness is an anchor to everyone’s life,” Fabiano said. “We’ve been treating it like this other leg, this other thing you need to do. Now people are seeing that it should be an integrated part of your lifestyle, and clubs now have the power to do that.”