March 2019 Book of the Month: The Intrinsic Exerciser


Book recommendation by Opti-Life Fitness Coach, Caleb Campbell

“The Intrinsic Exerciser flat out describes my passion and sole purpose in life. Most of us exercise to reach some sort of goal, such as losing weight or gaining muscle, but these reasons are short lived by most and people tend to cycle back and forth with their exercise habits. Jay Kimiecik puts together four steps that help develop and enhance intrinsic motivation, or doing something for the sheer pleasure and joy obtained from it. This intrinsic motivation thereby leads to healthy long-term lifestyle changes and puts an end to short-term behavior change. The gain from this lifestyle change is optimal life satisfaction. Not only can this be applied to exercise, but it can also help sustain positive change from any other negative or unhealthy habits. If you want a better quality of life, this book will seal the deal.” - Opti-Life Fitness Coach, Caleb Campbell