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Learning to Read Food Labels & Understanding What’s Good, Bad or Toxic

  • Opti-Life 9758 East 21st St. N. Wichita United States (map)

Did you know that many of the ingredients that are in our food are banned in most countries? 

Since the early 1900s, we began to feed our families toxic ingredients and then blame genetics when our family gets chronically sick. Join Dr. Patrick Garrett for a great discussion and a review of current research on healthy and toxic foods that will change your life.

About the Speaker

Dr. Patrick Garrett, DC, Bsci, DABFM, DCBCN, DAACN, SFAAFM, BCIM

Dr. Garrett has a successful practice specializing in reversing acute and chronic conditions naturally. His focus on the triad of lifestyle medicine, functional medicine and clinical nutrition is one of the primary reasons that his services are sought out by clients all around the world. Dr. Garrett is an international speaker with four post-doctoral diplomates in Clinical Nutrition & Functional Medicine and continuing education in Lifestyle Medicine from Harvard & Yale Medical Schools. He serves on numerous national Boards as well as a Clinical Advisor to several organizations.