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Fit for Birth

  • Opti-Life 9758 E 21st st N Wichita United States (map)
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This class is for women who are currently trying to conceive or who are pregnant. We will touch on essential areas of prenatal and postnatal exercise - such as, “The Do’s & Don’ts” of prenatal exercise, the importance of the core and pelvic floor, and how to use your fitness routine to gear up for labor & delivery. During class we will learn and practice important core & pelvic floor work. We will also be discussing realistic ways to lose weight while breastfeeding.

3 Take-Aways

1. Always protect your core - “Navel to spine” during any and all core exercises.

2. If a certain exercise doesn’t feel “right”, DON’T DO IT.

3. Be kind to yourself - you are doing the best you can! Some days will be harder than others, especially in the third trimester. Take your fitness routine one day at a time and listen to your body.

[ Women Only ]

This class is FREE and open to the public, so bring a friend!

Presented by Shannon Le

Shannon Le is an Opti-Life Fitness Coach, a Certified Exercise Physiologist, and a Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist. She is a mom of two; a 3 year old son and a 9 month old daughter. She specializes in prenatal and postnatal exercise - whether you are trying to conceive, currently pregnant, or have recently had a baby (within the last 12 months).