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Danielle Bahr, Esthetician

Hello, my name is Danielle Bahr, and I am one of the Estheticians here at the Rejuvenation Spa by Opti-Life. I completed the Esthetics Program with honors at Eric Fisher Academy in June 2017. Since then I have been driven to expand and grow my expertise. I began my Opti-Life journey in January of 2018. As an Esthetician, I am passionate about nourishing and hydrating your skin while helping you relax from everyday stress. As a former acne sufferer, I also understand the challenges that our skin can face. This has lead me to have a more interactive approach to my treatment plans, while still giving a relaxing experience for the client. I am also professionally trained in Organic Spray Tanning, and with my makeup artist background, I strive for a smooth, beautiful application. Thank you for reading, and I hope to see you soon!

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Kristi Caudillo, Esthetician

Hello, my name is Kristi Caudillo, and I am an Esthetician that graduated from Eric Fisher Academy in 2014. I have four years of experience and started working at Rejuvenation Spa in 2018. I continue my education with webinars and graduate classes. My favorite treatment is our Crystal Clear Facial, which utilizes deep exfoliation and extractions! I also enjoy body waxing. I find my career in Esthetics very rewarding and enjoy having the opportunity to educate guests about their individual skin type and needs, creating a treatment plan for optimal results, and providing a relaxing, rejuvenating atmosphere.

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Kyla Ball, Massage Therapist

Hello, my name is Kyla Ball. I earned my diploma in Therapeutic Massage from Heritage College here in Wichita, KS. I have been practicing Massage Therapy since 2011 and also been teaching yoga since 2016. I began instructing Massage Therapy courses in 2016 and am thrilled to be sharing the practice of Therapeutic Massage with students at WellSpring while continuing to work with clients at Opti-Life. I am very passionate about empowering others and helping them feel their best. With an appreciation of both the many benefits of different massage modalities and also the unique needs of every person, I thoroughly enjoy being able to offer many types of Therapeutic Massage and spa services to members of the community.

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Lauren Marks, Massage Therapist

Hello, my name is Lauren Marks. I graduated from Heritage College in 2015 with a license and associates degree in Massage Therapy. Using several modalities that I have practiced over the past four years, from my Heritage training, I thoughtfully tailor each massage session following my clients needs and requests, personalizing the experience for every individual. My approach to massage is of fluid and steady pace when it comes to providing treatments with the intent to help balance the body. I believe in staying within the client's comfort level to be able to reverse the muscles natural reflex to resist pain which is also known as tension. Using this technique allows me to offer a nurturing massage that correspondingly relieves tension and stress. Regardless of the treatment, my main goal is to create a relaxing atmosphere through sound and touch that helps allow each individual to reach complete rejuvenation and deep relaxation.