Kick off the fall season with a new membership and a new journey plan. At Opti-Life Health & Fitness Center, our degreed and certified staff will provide you with a custom workout plan to support your fitness goals. Get the best deal—waived consultation fee and waived October dues when you join October 1 – 7!

Score big with the following membership offers:

🏈 October 1 - 7, 1st and Goal: Consultation fee and October dues waived when you join

🏈 October 8 - 14, 2nd and Savings: Consultation fee waived when you join

🏈 October 15 - 21, 3rd and 50% off: 50% off Consultation fee

🏈 October 22 - 31, 4th and 20% off: 20% off Consultation fee

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